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My journey

Where it all started

Back in early summer of 2017 I had a little Minecraft minigames server which completely ran from downloaded plugins.

I had no real development team and I did not know how to make my own plugins at the time, so I started to learn.

I looked up tutorials on how to make my own Minecraft plugins. I somehow managed to write my plugin with zero Java knowledge with that tutorial. This plugin can be found on SpigotMC, I'll link it here.

Over the course of a few months I managed to expand my Spigot knowledge and create more and more complex plugins.

There were also some people that did not really like me and questioned my limited knownledge of programming, but I did not really care. I just started to work harder.

The server eventually died in early autumn of 2017, but I did not stop. In fact, I made some really good friends.

The next project

In december of 2017 I was asked to help my friends friend. I began to write some plugins for them and started my second server parallel to that.

That server was merged with the server where I helped in january 2018. We came up with some really cool concepts, but unfortunately my knowledge of Spigot and Java was still limited at the time.

All systems where full of static abuse and where generally programmed very unperformant. That project died in summer of 2018 after I left because I was basically doing everything (server administration, development, etc).

More knowledge

After that project I distanced myself a bit from Spigot. I expanded my Java knowledge and started to write Teamspeak bots.

In august of 2018 a new server started to become popular in the German Minecraft community, it's name is HorstBlocks. I applied for the developer rank and got accepted.

I worked really hard for that server and had a lot of fun playing on it. I became good friends with some of the staff and learned a lot from the admins hyWse and TottyTurtle. Without them I would not be where I am now.

Eventually I got promoted to the Head Developer position - that was a big milestone for me. But, unfortunately I started to neglect my duties in early 2019 to the point where I left the staff team for good.

And today?

Today I'm doing freelancer work and earn some money here and there. I expanded my knowledge even more after HorstBlocks. I have something planned for the near future, but I'll keep that a secret for now. :)

Honorable mentions

IchhabToast aka T0ASTI - Thanks for supporting me on my journey for the past 2 years!

DragonBosss aka CapoDelDrago - Thanks for supporting me on my journey for the past 3 or 4 years!

OneLine projects - Thanks for letting me join your development team!

Exidus aka Horst Flock




And everyone else that I forgot to mention!